Chocolate Toffee Bliss

This creamy smooth coffee blends fresh roasted beans and rich distinctive flavors. When brewed it has the aroma of chocolate and toffee that will remind you of being a kid again. The flavors are subtle...not too sweet, and allow the taste of Brazilian beans to shine through. The unique combination will have you saying “one more cup.”

This product does NOT contain any allergens (I.e. nuts, dairy) or alcohol.

Chocolate Toffee Bliss

Whole Bean or Ground?
  • The oldest and most famous blend, named for the two places (Mocha and Java) from where the beans were originally shipped. Ethiopian beans, known for their fruity, floral flavors and higher acidity are combined with organic Sumatran beans, known for their smooth, earthy flavor, lower acidity and a hint of dark chocolate. These beans are carefully roasted to perfection to yield maximum flavor and minimal bitterness, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced coffee.

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