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Non-flavored Coffees Sample Set

• Non-flavored coffee and cold brew

• 3, 3oz packs of coffee; 1, 64oz of cold brew concentrate

• Coffee Roast- light, medium, and dark


This sample set is the perfect way to experience the right amount of a good thing. There are three, 3oz packs of non-flavored coffee and a 64oz of non-flavored cold brew concentrate.


The set has three of the more popular non-flavored coffees: Coffee Lovers Blend (light roast), Mocha Java (medium roast) and Gus's Blend (dark roast) as well as a bottle of Mocha Java cold brew concentrate.


The beans come in whole bean or ground and must be chosen for the entire order. Unfortunately, the sample set can’t be customized.


The coffee contains less than 5cals and 95mg of caffeine/8oz serving. The cold brew concentrate contains less than 10cals and 200mg of caffeine/8oz serving.


Non-flavored Coffees Sample Set


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