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Mocha Java Cold Brew Concentrate



• Fair-Trade, Organic

• Medium Roast

• Non-flavored; notes of dark chocolate

• Available in 64oz bottles




Mocha Java cold brew concentrate is non-flavored. It has a smooth, luxurious coffee taste that makes it a favorite among non-flavored cold brew drinkers. The rich coffee taste of Mocha Java cold brew makes it’s the perfect cold brew to make all your favorite blended ice coffee drinks.  


There is no bite, no twang, just all coffee goodness. The beans are steeped for 18hrs in cold, filtered water. 


No sugar or water is added to the concentrate, so you can drink it how you want it. 


Like the coffee, the cold brew is considered keto friendly and contains less than 10cals and 200mg of caffeine/8 oz serving

Mocha Java Cold Brew Concentrate


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