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Gussied Up Mocha Java Cold Brew

Mocha Java cold brew is made from Ethiopian and Sumatran beans. It is the perfect foundation from which to make most cold brew cocktails. Mocha Java has a rich coffee flavor, a natural sweetness, and notes of dark chocolate that blends well with most ingredients.

Classic Coke mixed with Gus’s Mocha Java cold brew concentrate.


1-part Coke

1- part Mocha Java Concentrate


This drink is so easy to make; almost no directions are required. Just mix cold brew with Coke in a 1 to 1 ratio, stir, and pour over ice.

My friends Ryan and John and I stumbled upon this cold brew cocktail while doing a photo shoot. There were several bottles of Classic Coke laying around from a previous shoot. It had been a long day, John decided to mix the Mocha Java cold brew and Coke for an afternoon pick-me-up. Much to our surprise, it was delicious! The drinks complimented each other. The rich coffee flavor of the Mocha Java concentrate shined through but didn’t overwhelm the classic flavor of Coke. With every sip, the bubbles from the Coke popped on our noses, creating a playful surprise that brightened our spirits. This is the prefect drink for that person that enjoys effervescence with their cold brew. Coke adds something extra, unexpected, and playful to this drink, making it is far more interesting than just added seltzer water. This cocktail is a classic, yet unique.


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