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The Mocha Java Cocktail

Mocha Java cold brew is made from Ethiopian and Sumatran beans. It is the perfect foundation from which to make most cold brew cocktails. Mocha Java has a rich coffee flavor, a natural sweetness and notes of dark chocolate that blends well with most ingredients.

Looking the celebrate you, or a special occasion? Mocha Java cold brew and sparkling wine is the drink of choice.


3oz. Mocha Java cold brew

1oz. Extra dry sparkling wine


Put 4oz. of Mocha Java cold brew in the freezer for about hour. Once ice crystals begin to form, pour the cold brew into a champagne glass, and add 1oz. of extra dry sparkling wine.

There is something about using a champagne glass for this drink, it adds a level of sophistication. This is a simple, yet classy cold brew cocktail. It is a more celebratory way to drink sparkling wine.


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