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Gus's Blend Coffee



• Dark roast

• One part party, one part chill

• Available in 3oz, 12oz and 5lb bags; whole bean and ground




Gus’s Blend is Gus’s favorite dark roast; therefore, he gave it his name. This unique blend combines the best of three coffee worlds, (Southeast Asia, Central and South America) and touches on all the notes coffee lover enjoys. There are crisp high notes, smooth middle notes and dark low notes. This coffee is like no other, it conjures up feelings of magic and mystery in every sip.


Gus’s Blend contains less than 5cals/serving and 95mg of caffeine/8 oz serving.

Gus's Blend Coffee

  • Returns/Refunds:

    Coffee is a consumable product, therefore all sales are final. For your safety and the safety of other customers we cannot resell coffee once it has been shipped. Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis as long as a claim is made within a week of delivery.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Orders can be cancelled prior to shipment. Contact the company as soon as a situation has been identified.

  • Shipping Cost:
    Shipping costs are based on the rates for USPS priority

    Shipping & Delivery Times:
    - Orders placed by midnight Monday-Thursday will ship the
    next day.
    - Orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship on Monday.
    - Delivery times will typically vary between 1-5 business
    days depending on your location.

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