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A Better Way to Beat the Heat

It is forecasted to be over 90°F over the next 7 to 10 days. I hear people talk about dry heat verse regular heat; I am not sure I can tell the difference once it get over 90°F it’s just HOT. We Minnesotans don’t just want to sit inside and miss out on all that summer has to offer, especially if we are vacationing or chillin’ at home. My suggestion, move as little as possible, find a comfortable spot in the shade, and pour yourself a tall glass of iced Gus’s cold brew. Have it straight or with your favorite mixer. There are 6 different cold brews, a non-flavored brew, 3 flavored brews and 2 decafs brews. This summer I’m featuring a Blueberry Cinnamon cold brew. Check out my social media and website for fun cold brew recipes. Cold brew during summer is refreshing, helping you to relax, and makes the heat more tolerable.


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