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Cold Brew Season

Many cold brew drinkers enjoy cold brew year round, some only drink cold brew from spring to summer, yet others start the day with hot coffee and then switch to cold brew. I believe cold brew can be enjoyed year-round, especially if made from seasonal coffees like Jingle Bell Java, Blueberry Cinnamon, and Bahama Breeze to name a few.

A really good cold brew is smooth and refreshing. It is lower in acidity and is naturally sweet. It can also be heated to make exceptionally good hot coffee.

Unflavored cold brews, like Mocha Java or Daybreak Blend Decaf, allow you to mix any combination of ingredients to make an ice coffee drink that matches your mood.

Cold brew concentrate can be enjoyed in any number of ways; as a shot, straight up on ice, or mixed with water, dairy, or non-dairy product. Cold brew concentrate allows you to drink it how you want it.


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