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The Ritual of Making Coffee

Our lives are enriched and made fuller by rituals. They give meaning and help bring understanding to our lives. The process of making coffee is one of the rituals that we participate in on a daily basis; it grounds us and at times may be one of the only moments of peace we feel in a day.

Most of us don’t know how to make wine; therefore when we drink wine we drink whatever the wine maker chooses. They have a hand in every step of the process from selecting the grapes to bottling. We consume the finished product. Just ask any coffee drinker-making coffee is very personal. We make it just the way we like it. We get to choose the type of beans, the ground size, the amount and temperature of the water and how we drink it.   This is what makes coffee so special and satisfying. To me, the most important thing when making the perfect cup of coffee is consistency. Being able to repeat the process in an exacting way every time is an essential part of making coffee. Fancy jargon and expensive apparatus are not essential. What’s important is to identify what is meaningful about the way you make coffee and to take to time to enjoy the process.


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